Upcoming Events

Here at Highlands Cork & Café we are always looking for more ways to serve our community and create the type of experience that will keep you coming and bringing your friends with you. We have added many new events and happening this year and will bring you even more in the coming years. Like us on Facebook or sign up for our weekly email to stay updated on what we have going on. Check out the on-going events below to plan your social calendar or for last minute ideas for what to do on any given day.

Live Music

In the late Spring, all through the Summer and on into the warm Fall days the music from our patio can be heard by our visitors and passerby’s alike. Highlands Cork & Café is proud to showcase eclectic and traditional Colorado musicians from acoustic solo acts to multi-member bands. Aspiring artist and song writers can test their skills on Open Mic Nights. 

Working Women Wine Group

What started as a small group of friends getting together for a ladies night out has turned into a platform for women from all over the Denver area to come together for a little Social Therapy. The Women meet at Highlands Cork & Café every 3rd Tuesday of the month at 6:00 pm.

Artist's Reception

Some of the art you see on the walls at Highlands Cork & Café is rotated to feature the work of some of our favorite painters, photographers & other fine art purveyors. As the art changes we invite everyone to join us for a wine & cheese reception with the artists themselves.

Your Event

If you are looking for a place for a weekly, monthly or onetime event we are happy to accommodate your small group at our place. Advanced notice is always a good idea so that we can make sure we have space available.

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